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Frequently asked questions

  • Do I need a diagnosis?

Nope. You just need to identify with the issues commonly associated with ADHD, Autistic Spectrum Disorder or Tourette's Syndrome. Have a look at this for more info.


  • Are you a counsellor or therapist?

No. I am a qualified social worker (registered with Social Work England) with approaching 20 years experience working in community mental health. I am also employed as an academic mentor by a British University.

  • Can you help with my mental health?

Not directly no. Whilst it is true that being more productive, supported and happier with your writing will no doubt have a positive impact on your mental health, this is not therapy, or treatment, and not an alternative to medical or psychiatric intervention.

  • Can you help me get published?

Not directly. The focus of mentoring is to help you find ways to manage your writing life around your condition. Whilst part of that might be helping you cope with the overwhelming, confusing and complicated nature of the industry (including navigating the submission/pitching process), and whilst I will encourage and support you to move in that direction if that is one of your aims, mentoring does not guarantee publication.

  • Do I have to be a professional writer? Does it have to be fiction?

No! You can be a beginner, a well-seasoned novelist, a journalist, a freelancer…you can be into non-fiction, memoir, poetry, flash, short stories, long form, song-writing, or journaling. Writing can be your only source of income or it could be something you just want to be able to do more. The bottom line is this: do you (or do you want to) put words on a page? Does your brain often conspire to stop you? If the answer to both of those questions is yes, you’re in the right place.

  • Do you only work with writers?

At the moment, yes. I’m thinking about other creatives though (in a racing-mind-can’t-sleep kind of a way), so watch this space.

  • Do you do proofreading or editing?

Not formally. But I may look at your work with you and offer guidance and suggestions, especially if our work together is about maintaining interest/focus, or moving you out of your comfort zone. Having said that, I love hearing about what people are writing, so if you want to share something with me that would be great.  

  • What happens during sessions?

Sessions last for an hour as standard (if that’s too long though, let’s talk and figure something out). There will be space to reflect on how you’ve been doing, and what’s getting in the way. There’ll be some agenda setting for the session, and after that it’s kind of up to you. You talk, I listen, we find solutions -  which I may draw from my own experiences. There will be space at the end for planning your next steps, and having a wee think about accountability. I may ask you for feedback on the session, if I remember. Because y’know, I have ADHD and my working memory is periodically not working. You will then get a written summary of the session (because chances are your working memory is down the pub with mine) within a day or so of our meeting. ​

  • How and when do I pay?

Payment must be made at least five working days in advance, to secure your appointment or appointments.  Currently I accept payment by Paypal (or bank transfer if you can't do Paypal). I will provide a link to make payment.

  • Do you offer a taster session?

Yes! Taster sessions are 30 (no longer than 40) minutes long and are purely for you to road test me and decide if I’m a good fit or not, find out if I can give you what you are looking for and give you chance to ask any questions before you commit formally. I ask people to book a taster if they are thinking of purchasing the package, as this is a bigger commitment and I want you to be absolutely sure. I charge for the taster but it’s a pretty small fee. If I’m not your cup of Darjeeling, no hard feelings!

Still got questions?
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