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Mentoring for neurodiverse writers
(at last)

Hands Up

Hands up if you...

 ...have ADHD, autism, Tourette's syndrome or any other form of neurodiversity (or think you might have).

....are a writer (or want to be).

...are sick of hearing that you need to have a thicker skin, if you want to be a writer.

...have done all the webinars, all the courses, and think it's all great but can't put it into practice.

...could really do with some tailored support. 

I'm Amanda, and I feel your pain, I really do.

I'm a mentor with twenty years experience in mental health. I'm also a writer, and I also happen to be neurodiverse. I support writers to cope with procrastination, obsessive perfectionism, the gut-wrenching pain of a rejected submission, paralysis, anxiety, chronic self-criticism, and executive function that doesn't, well....function.

My mission is to support the ND writer to have a richer, brighter writing life.


I can help.

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