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1:1 Specialist Mentoring

  • 60 minute video call, tailored to your needs. Includes post-session written summary of agreed actions. Frequency of sessions can be several, one at a time, or ad hoc!

  • email me directly to book at



Small Group Mentoring

  • Small groups of no more than 5 writers

  • Dedicated time to troubleshoot all your writing-related executive function issues

  • Space to talk it through with other ND writers

  • Access to the expertise of ND professional writer and mentor (me!)

  • Solutions

  • Gentle accountability and goal-setting

  • Online and in-person available (Sheffield, UK)

  • Available every month 

  • Book via Eventbrite


Taster session

Not sure? book a short 30 minute session to...

  • discuss your needs

  • see what it's all about

  • See if we're a good fit



  • I currently offer the Neurodivergent Writer's toolkit

  • 6 webinars covering all the key issues we struggle with

  • Sessions are bookable individually or as a package 

  • Purchase via Eventbrite 

  • More workshops and masterclasses planned...sign up to my newsletter to be in the know.


Bespoke Corporate Workshops & Training

Tailored training for the workplace covering areas such as:

  • Understanding and managing a neurodiverse workforce

  • Understanding and implementing reasonable adjustments 

  • Supporting & promoting good mental health in the workplace

  • Developing a compassionate culture 

  • Staying regulated in the workplace


Public Speaking

Looking for speakers at your event or conference? Need a keynote? I can talk on a range of subjects relating to neurodiversity including but not limited to...

  • Writing & Creativity

  • Mental health

  • Trauma

  • Higher Education 


What does mentoring involve?

It involves supporting you to move in the direction of your writing goals, with particular focus on the obstacles you face due to neurodiversity. I have many years experience of helping people find ways to work with, and not against their difficulties, to identify their needs and to move beyond their perceived limits. I subscribe to the philosophy that neurodiversity is not a disease; it's just a different way of being in the world. We are hampered largely by a world that is not set up for us, that is inflexible (oh, the irony!) to our needs. I will work with you to find solutions, trial new tools and techniques, and have a more productive and satisfying writing life, that may look very unlike what neurotypical people are doing. Common areas of struggle that you might want help with are:

  • developing routines and achieving balance 

  • dealing with the inner critic

  • managing rejection sensitivity and emotional dysregulation (especially with regard to feedback and submitting work if you are at that stage in your career)

  • procrastination and avoidance 

  • time management - including hyperfocus and time "blindness"

  • working memory problems

  • focus and attention 

  • decision making 

  • confidence as a writer

  • burnout and overwhelm

  • navigating neurotypical systems, rules and expectations (e.g. making sense of complicated submission guidance; understanding etiquette)

  • getting to the end of your work in progress

  • creative blocks and paralysis

This is not an exhaustive list! If you aren't sure if mentoring is right for you, or you are worried that I might not be a good fit, consider booking a 30 minute taster. If I don't think that I can help, I will be clear and upfront with you. 

What is mentoring not?

Although I believe mentoring is powerful and effective, it is important to understand that it is not counselling, therapy, or treatment for either neurodevelopmental problems, or any other mental health problem you might have. 

Some writing coaches and mentors offer formal feedback, editorial input and proofreading. I don't offer that service, although we may look at your work together if it is in aid of dealing with areas such as avoidance, focus, or building confidence. 

I can't guarantee you publishing success, or make the features of your condition go away. I wish I could, but I can't.


What I can guarantee is my support for as long as you need it, with warmth, humour and understanding. 

Ready to book?
Have a few more questions first?

use the contact form, or email me direct at

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