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About my writing...

"The language of this story is understated and everyday, but also pitch-perfect and used with subtle control to create scenes layered with meaning. Amanda Marples' skill comes in from the placing of quiet, tiny details with vast emotional resonance."

 Judges comments

"A powerful, impressive piece of writing with a quiet lyricism that leaves a lingering impression."

Judges comments

"Amanda is such an emotionally literate storyteller."

Judges comments

About mentoring with me...

"Amanda is an asset and one of the most supportive people I have ever had the privilege to meet. Thank you."
Ella, mentee

"I am always so grateful for my mentor...I definitely could not have done it without her support!"

Suzy, mentee 

"Amanda has been one of the most pivotal people I've met...I consider myself so lucky to have had mentoring sessions with her."

Nina, mentee

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