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Is this for me?

I designed this service with the neurodiverse writer in mind, based on my own experience and others that I have worked with. 

You don't need a formal diagnosis to work with me, you just need to identify with any of the issues below. This is not a diagnostic tool! It's just an aid to help you figure out if I might be able to help. 

So...below are the pesky issues that I come across in the neurodiverse community and in my own writing life.

Pesky issues

Time management

  • Under/over estimating time available.

  • Not noticing time passing.

  • Missing deadlines.

  • Struggling to use time effectively or make decisions.

  • "Waiting mode" (i.e. unable to act if something is planned for later).


  • Struggling to adjust to unexpected changes.

  • Getting stuck in creative ruts or ways of working.

  • Accommodating variations in guidelines and approaches from others.


  • Losing files or documents.

  • Having too much "on" at once.

  • Forgetting what you are supposed to be doing.

  • Finding it hard to plan/ abandoning plans.

  • Messiness or untidiness.

  • Difficulty prioritising.

  • Generally feeling chaotic!

Interpreting and interaction

  • Trouble understanding what others "want" from you.

  • Difficulty understanding the "rules".

  • Difficulty making sense of guidance.

  • Struggling to cope with or understand feedback.

  • Feeling so anxious about not understanding that you avoid/miss opportunities.


  • Trouble staying on task.

  • Boredom, switching off and not completing work.

  • Struggling to deliver or follow through.

  • Getting distracted by shiny new projects/ideas/wikipedia pages/ the cat outside.......


  • Boom bust working pattern (i.e. do loads, feel exhausted, do nothing for weeks).

  • Rejection Sensitivity.

  • Sensory problems making it harder to work.

  • Difficulty coping with emotion leading to despair, depression, anxiety and shame.

  • Struggling to self-soothe.

  • Experiencing regular social or sensory burnout.

Some of these issues might not necessarily be a bad thing. Some of us enjoy the chaos, the untidiness, the mad leaping from one idea to another....and why should we conform just because the world say we should, right? Right. The issue is whether any of these things are holding you back. That's the bottom line. 

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